The AWWA, American Water Works Association, is a non-profit industry standards organization which defines the drinking water standards for the U.S., including the level of contaminants permitted in the chemicals added to the water.

The AWWA Standards Committee on Fluorides, has members from Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical, LCI and Cargill Fertilizer. Two of these companies hold the influential position of Vice Chairman and Secretary.

In an article by an Alaskan newspaper, the difference between a toxic waste and a silver bullet for cavities is blurred.

Toxic Waste Becomes Product for Two Bits
By Valerie Meehan
WASILLA – One hundred pounds of slightly soggy fluoride were sold to the city of Palmer this week by the city of Wasilla. The price? 25 cents.

Wasilla originally wanted to give away the fluoride, since it is not putting it in its water anymore. But a state official told the city if the chemical was not sold, it could be classified as a hazardous waste by the federal government. To forestall that
possible complication, city officials charged Palmer a quarter. The chemical was transported to its new home Thursday.

Department of Environmental Conservation field officer Joe LeBeau said Thursday that according to federal regulations: “If Wasilla gives it away and then Palmer doesn’t use it it’s a hazardous waste.” “If they sell it, it’s a product. If they give it away, it’s a hazardous waste,” LeBeau said.

Perhaps this is why there is so much resistance to review fluoridation in the light of 21st century science.