-- Fluoridation is an ideal environmental solution long standing problem --


Washington, D.C. 20460

MAR 30,1983

Leslie A. Russell, D.M.D.
363 Walnut Street
Newtonville, Mass. 02160

Dear Dr Russell;

Thank you for your letter of March 9, 1983, in regard to the fluoride of drinking water.

Water treatment chemicals, including fluosilicic acid, have been evaluated for their potential for contributing to the contamination of drinking water. The Water Treatment Chemicals Codex, published by the National Academy of Sciences, prescribes the purity requirements for fluosilicic acid and other fluoridation chemicals.

In regard to the use of fluosilicic acid as a source of fluoride for fluoridation, this Agency regards such use as an ideal environmental solution long standing problem. By recovering by-product fluosilicic acid from fertiliser manufacturing, water and air pollution are minimized, and water utilities have a low-cost source of fluoride available to them. I hope this information adequately responds to your concern.

Sincerely yours,

Rebecca Hanmer
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water