EPA has No Safety Standards for Fluoride

The following is a letter from the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, in April of 1998, stating there are no safety standards for water fluoridation. WOW! The government regulates every other chemical but has absolutely zero regulation for fluoridation. I wonder why... Perhaps they should be called the NonProtection Agency.

   United States Environmental Protection Agency
Washington D.C. 20460

April 2, 1998

George C. Glasser
3016 23rd Street N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Dear Mr. Glasser.

Your March 4, 1998, letter to Carol Browner regarding the need for research on fluorosilicic acid was forwarded to the Health and Ecological Criteria Division (HECD) of Office of Science and Technology (OST) at the Office of Water (OW). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) appreciates your interest in this matter.

In the United States, there are no Federal safety standards which are applicable to drinking water additives, including those intended for use in fluoridating water. In the past, the EPA assisted the States and public water systems through the issuance of advisory opinions on acceptability of many additive chemicals. However, the Federal advisory program was terminated on October 4, 1988, and EPA assisted in establishment of voluntary product standards at NSF International (NSF) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/NSF Standard 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects was developed at NSF by a consortium of representatives from utilities. government, manufacturers and the public health community. The first edition of the Standard was issued in 1988. Standard 60 applies to all direct additive chemicals for potable water including sodium fluoride. hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium fluosilicate. At the present time, both NSF and Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) evaluate additive products against standard 60 criteria and publish a listing of those products that meet the requirements of the Standard. You can contact NSF or UL for information on specific fluosilicate products.

EPA does receive many requests for information. on the fluosilicate additives. Accordantly, EPA is in the process of conducting a literature search and review of the data available on the health effects and chemistry of these materials. This project should also identify research needs. It is anticipated that the review of the available data will be completed by this coming Fall. EPA plans to use the data collected to prepare a fact sheet that can be sent to
citizens, like yourself, who request information on the fluosilicate additives used in fluoridation. EPA will also share the information collected with the Chemical Manager for Fluoride at ATSDR and with NSF International.

If you have any further question an this matter, please feel free to contact Dr. Joyce Donohue at 202-260-1318.


Tudor T. Davies, Director
Office of Science and Technology