The following is the OFFICIAL POSITION STATEMENT of the National Parents Teachers Association on artificial water fluoridation.


The National PTA, in recognition that prudent public health practice dictates using no more fluoride than necessary to achieve a desired effect, supports the following:

The continued use of fluoride to prevent dental caries;

Optimal fluoridation (i.e., 0.6 - 01.0 ppm) of drinking water;

Avoidance of fluoride supplementation for infants aged 0-6 months;
Continued assessment of both the optimal level of total fluoride exposure from all sources combined and the appropriate usage of fluoride containing dental products in order to achieve the benefits of reduced dental caries and to minimize the risk of dental fluorosis;

Avoidance of excessive and inappropriate exposure to fluoride to include informing parents about educating young children to minimize swallowing of fluoridated toothpaste and to use only small amounts of toothpaste on the brush;

Health departments and drinking water programs should continue to inform physicians, dentists and communities about the fluoridation status of drinking water;

Review of regulations concerning naturally occurring fluoride in drinking water;

Labeling requirements for toothpaste and other fluoride- containing products to ensure that information is sufficient to enable the public to make informed decisions about their use, especially for young children;

Manufacturers of toothpaste should clearly communicate the fluoride levels of their products;

Enforced compliance of the Safe Drinking Water Act concerning maximum contaminant levels of fluoride;

Continued research on the benefits and risks of fluoride.

Adopted: by the 1992 Board of Directors Page XI. I I
Reviewed: by the 1993 Convention Resolutions Committee
Revised: by the 1997 Board of Directors