A Concerned Mother Speaks Out

To Concerned Parents;

We recently moved out of Mountain View and into a NON-fluoridated community. We did this because my son has always shown a sensitivity to fluoride.

I have a good news to tell you. The skin problems my son started to suffer couple months after the Mountain View water was fluoridated are gone. You can not even find a place were the lesions where. I still do not know
exactly what it was, since I was getting different diagnosis from different doctors.

However, I am inclined to say the problems were caused by the fluoridated water my child bathed in. He didn't drink the water, since from infancy, he showed an allergic reaction to fluoride drops. They were visibly changing
his behavior.

Never the less. We are living now in Napa. The city uses its small water reservoirs and no one here talks about fluoridation.

A Concerned Mother
January 2002