I have had severe dental fluorosis ever since my adult teeth came in, because my parents were convinced by a dentist that fluoride supplements in my diet were needed in order to give me strong and healthy teeth.

Only in the past few years did I make the connection to fluoride; until then, various medical professionals offered all sorts of half-baked ideas as to how my teeth had 'gone wrong', and continue to insist contrary to all the evidence in my mouth that the fluoride poisoning should have made my teeth stronger.

My father's job provided us with Delta Dental Insurance, who were quick to advocate fluoride treatments for me as a child, but refused to pay for any veneers or caps when I was a teen because they were considered 'cosmetic'. When I finally had six caps put on, my parents had to pay the thousands of dollars out of their own pockets. And when those caps need replacing, every ten years, I will be the one paying for them, regardless of whether I can afford it.

A few weeks ago I started a discussion group online about fluorosis, and the response was overwhelming. One of the members posted your website. I just want to thank you again for a well done website, and I will recommend it to all my friends and family. I live in the Bay Area, and since most of your contacts seem to be in California, please keep me updated as to any actions or news which may come along. I would be more than willing to help out in any way I can to end forcible fluoridation.

Erika L.