The following is an index of the Fluoride Health Alerts by issue.

#1: How it all began

#2: Thyroid, green tea and fluoride

#3: Cipro: the highly toxic fluoride-based drug recommended by the CDC for anthrax

#4: Water additives and supplements have never been approved by FDA

#5: It's in our food, our wine our beer

#6: F- is added to over 150 pesticides--it is not inert

#7: Dental Board of CA disbanded by legislature

#8: Your immediate action needed (Governor: Please appoint Do. David Kennedy to the new dental board)

#9: Does ingested f- reduce cavities? Charts from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and other countries

#10: Catch Up

#11: Fluorosis

#12: CA state mandate to fluoridate.

#13: What chemical, when ingested, makes you age faster?

#14: A bombshell to end fluoridation?

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