The following is an actual letter from a concerned mother of three


My name is Brenda Thomson[1]. I have 3 children and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have just recently become very alarmed by reading your website and many others on the impact of flouride.

I was totally shocked and had never heard such a statement that flouride could possibly be bad. From how we all were raised believing that flouride was such a great thing, it was quite a shock for me to hear a different viewpoint. Upon looking back at my children's background and health history I have come to the conclusion that my children's health may have been harmed by flouride.

All of my children have what are called "whitecaps" for teeth, which I have never been able to get an explanation as to why all of my children have them. From what I have read in the various websites, I think what my kids have are varying degrees of flourosis.

My oldest also has scoliosis and has what was called peg laterals when her permanent teeth finally came in. Her laterals were so bad that I had to pay a dentist $450 per tooth to have them replaced. (She has 2 veneers in their place now.)

My oldest also had been diagnosed with arthritis when she was about 4 years old when a she failed to heal up after she fell off of her bike. I know that I saw alot of references to arthritis in the websites on flouride toxicity, not to mention bone problems, and tooth problems in general.

All from something that was put in our water without our permission! I went on to have other children hoping for the best, the teeth that they have are very similar to hers and my boys also have alot or health problems too.

My middle son has been diagnosed with diabetes/blood sugar problems that had him in the hospital 2 times last year. He is also suffers from severe fatigue often. (All my kids do!) My youngest has the same looking kind of teeth as the others and just got diagnosed last year with a Tic' disorder similar to tourette's, but the funny thing is is that he started tic's after he had a treatment for flouride.

Can that happen or am I just reading into things? Call me paranoid, but I see my kids in the flouride websites and it scares me ....I have also just recently been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, which also is mentioned in the websites.

I am now going to pay for water without flouride, but I don't know if too much damage has already been done. I guess I am just more aware of a potential yet unproven problem and can now take steps to correct it ...I guess I am a little in shock after getting the information.

If there is someone that I can talk to about this or you can forward this to someone who could help with some questions that I have that would be great. I just would like to know if I am reading into things, or if this a common story that you have all heard before. Thank you so much,

Brenda Thomson


[1] Name and city have been changes to protect the family's privacy