The following an actual letter is from a dad who has a child with severe dental fluorosis This child is one of those unfortunate "data points" dismissed by those promoting fluoridation at any cost. She is the "trade off".

She is the victim of a society which over the last fifty years has willingly increased the levels of fluoride in our daily lives: in our water and in our food.

For this little child and her dad it really makes little difference from which source, or combination of sources, it came. It was too much and it came by surprise.

And it continues to come to millions of other children, and ourselves, every day because the vast majority of doctors, dentists, scientists, politicians, environmental organizations and governmental health agencies refuse to behave professionally when it comes to dealing with this toxic substance.
Paul Connett.

Dear Ms Schnall;

I have a 4 year old daughter with extreme dental fluorosis. I am just finding out what it is and why it's happening. The dentist won't admit that the damage that has been happening to her teeth is from an overexposure to fluoride.

I am doing all the research that I can on the use of poison to "fight cavities" and I came across your letter to the FDA. I know that your point is more than valid. I had already begun wondering why bottled water isn't labeled. I am curious to know if you have received any reply from the FDA and/or any other information that you have on fluoride use.

I am so very curious to know if there were ever any studies to prove the seemingly unfounded claim that chemical fluoride fight dental caries.

I would appreciate any information that you have.

Thank you,

This young girl has virtually no enamel on her teeth. Hannah will be four years old in Oct. 2001 and is now living with constant pain from her deteriorating teeth. Chewing foods is becoming extremely painful for her, threatening her health and well being.

She is the youngest of six children and although the family has medical and dental insurance, the current policies will not cover services for a child of her age. The previous policy would only cover $1000.00 of the $6000.00 then needed.

The treatment plan in June of 2000 was to extract four, fill two and nerve treat and crown the remaining 14 teeth. The plan as of August 2001 is to extract ten, root canal and crown the remaining ten and provide two space maintainers and is estimated to be $7000.00.

Due to Hannah's condition and the family's financial position, she needs a dentist that will donate services or donations to cover her necessary services. Due to her age and the growth of teeth, services are needed soon to prevent the deterioration of her adult teeth.

These local & national agencies have been contacted & are unable to help.

Dental Association
St. Vincent de Paul
March of Dimes
Kids Care
Public Health Institute
Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Mercy Care at St. Joseph’s
County Health
Mountain Park Health
John C Lincoln Dental Clinic
Boys & Girls Clubs Dental Clinic
Dental Association