In the vast majority of communities where water fluoridation is present, hydrofluosilicic acid is used as the fluoridation chemical. This chemical is produced as a byproduct of fertilizer and aluminum manufacturing.

Dr. John Stamm, spokesperson for the American Dental Association states "Some people consider fluoride a pollutant. Some people will say fluoride is simply being foisted on the public because it is a byproduct of the aluminum mining industry. And it is true that much fluoride is found or created when aluminum ore is refined. But that doesn't mean that fluoride, when used properly, is a bad thing." - New York Post, 12/00

The Cominco phosphate mine in Trail, British Columbia Canada is a major supplier of hydrofluosilicic acid for western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The table below lists the results of a Cominco heavy metal chemical analysis of a solution of hydroflusilicic acid from their phosphate plant.

The data was published in the Alberta Report on February 17, 1992.

Heavy Metal chemical analysis of water fluoridation chemical
(hydrofluosilicic acid)




 57 mg/l

 57 ppm

3 mg/l

 3 ppm

.01 mg/l

 .01 ppm

.1 mg/l

 .1 ppm

There is reason for concern. The National Academy of Sciences has shown that levels of arsenic in drinking water, in amounts LESS than shown above, is known to cause cancer. Chromium in drinking water, is also is linked to cancer.

In addition to fluoride, sodium hydroxide (commonly known as lye) is typically added to the the water supply to provide pH adjustment. The exact quantities vary by each area.

There are also two reports by the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper discussing fluoridation and the arsenic connection. "Arsenic in the Water" and "Dartmouth team studies arsenic effect."