How Much Fluoride is in Our Foods?

How much fluoride are we already getting? This question is HOTLY AVOIDED.

It's undisputed that exceeding the "optimal" dose of 1 PPM will result in health problems. Before fluoride is added to the community water, shouldn't dentists estimate how much fluoride is already in the average person's diet? Only then, can the decision to use more be properly determined.

50 years ago, when fluoride was first recommended for municipal water supplies, there were no sources of fluoride in a person's diet. The "optimum" dose of 1 PPM (equivalent to 1 milligram/liter) was proposed because if a person drank four 8 oz glasses of water they would receive 1 milligram of fluoride.

Not too scientific but understandable.

How much fluoride does your son or daughter receive today?

If your children had only one Coke, a glass of milk and Wheaties and no other food the entire day, they would receive 130% of the recommended "optimal" dose!


Fluoride PPM

Dose (mg)
 12 oz. Coke


 8 oz Milk


 6 oz. Wheaties



 Exceeds "Optimum Dose"



Data from laboratory analysis of fluoride content.

Add a glass of water and they would exceed 180% of their "optimal" dose. Why put fluoride in the water when so many products already contain fluoride? You'll be surprised to see how much fluoride is in an actual school lunch.

Don't think 3 milligrams of fluoride is much. Here's a comparison of a typical aspirin alongside a 3mg pill.

Today most foods are made with fluoridated water and crops are sprayed with fluoridated water which is absorbed into the plant.

Everyone agrees excess fluoride is dangerous. Don't you want to know how much your children are already getting before giving them more?

Please don't overdose
your children