Several environmental groups oppose fluoridation for a number of reasons including health and environmental reasons. Since 99.9% of all fluoridated water ends up down the drain, the impact on the environment may larger than anyone has anticipated.

Several organizations are calling for an EIR, Environmental Impact Review, in order to scientifically assess ecological and biological impacts.

Opposition to fluoridation came about when the San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SFPUC), a water wholesaler to most of the cities in the San Francisco Bay area, decided it wanted to fluoridate the entire water system.

This SFPUC strategy developed in response to the strong opposition to fluoridation in the San Francisco Bay area. Normally, each city has to decide on the fluoridation question. By having the SFPUC fluoridate all its' water, politicians could sidestep a political hot potato and a contentious election.

Most notably, the Sierra Club and Bay Area Action, a local environmental group in the San Francisco Bay area, oppose the fluoridation plan.

Sierra Club - position on fluoridation
Sierra Club - letter in opposition to San Francisco Public Utility Commission's (SFPUC) plan for fluoridation.
(6 page PDF file)

Bay Area Action - letter of opposition to fluoridation. (2 page PDF file)
Bay Area Action - letter to SFPUC citing details of why they oppose to their plan. (3 page PDF file)