There are 6 major government reports which have reviewed fluoridation. The issue of fluoridation is not a new one but one thing is self-evident: water fluoridation is not 100% safe as we're always told.

Natick Report
The most famous report is probably the Natick Report (suburb of Boston Massachusetts, USA). It was done in response to whether they should fluoridate their water supply. With so many conflicting claims, both positive and negative, they decided to do an impartial analysis.

Natick Report summary
Natick Report - full document (100 pages 400k PDF file)


York Report
The York Report was commissioned by the England health department to review fluoridation claims by analyzing hundreds of existing studies. Unfortunately, it's results were so distorted by the British Medical Society that the Chairman of the report had to issue a public statement to correct their blatant "misstatements."

Letter of the Chairman clarifying what the report actually said.
A comparison of what the York Report said vs. what the British Dental Assoc. (BDA) and British Medical Assoc. (BMA) claimed
London Financial Times commentary on the controversy.
Nexus magazine cites specific "misstatements" in the report.
York Report Summary
York Report - full document (110 pages 500k PDF file)

Brisbane Australia
Task Force on Water Fluoridation
Brisbane considered the possibility of fluoridating the water supply and created a Task Force to provide an unbiased analysis. Completed in October of 1997, it addresses health, environmental, ethical, and a variety of other issues.

Task Force Summary
Brisbane Task Force Report - full document
(110 pages 354k PDF file)


Ontario Report -
Benefits and Risks of Water Fluoridation
The Ontario Report was completed in November of 1999 but its release was delayed until the beginning of 2001. It's analysis of fluoridation was less than a ringing ensorsement of the practice

Ontario Report Summary (3 pages, 20k PDF file)
Ontario Report - full document (80 pages, 200k PDF file)


Wilmington Report
A fluoridation analysis done by Board of Health in Wilmington Massachusetts, USA. . A very succinct 5 page review released in Feb. 2000

Wilmington Report - full document (5 pages, 20k PDF file)


British Medical Journal
The UK Department of Health asked a working group to identify areas of uncertainty, the risks of water fluoridation and to recommend research needed to clarify the situation. In Sept 2002 they published their findings in the British Medical Journal. One of the main recommendations made by the working group was to compare the amount of fluoride that the body absorbs from naturally fluoridated water supplies with the amount absorbed from artificially fluoridated water.

BMJ Report - full document (100 pages, 2084k PDF file)

Although not government reports, the following analysis provide valuable insight into a variety of fluoridation issues.

Fluoridation & Human Rights
An analysis of how forced mass medication of the population is contrary to the more recent international treaties.

Fluoridation & Human Rights - full document (14 pages, 150k PDF file)

Fluoridation & Cancer
An analysis cities cancer rated before and after fluoridated.

Fluoridation & Cancer - full document (7 pages, 80k PDF file)

Legal Issues Of Fluoridation
Dental Didactics prepares learning materials for dentists. In this report, they discuss the legal issues related to fluoridation of public water supplies. Topics include:

  • Understand the basis of constitutional court challenges to fluoridation
  • Be acquainted with pathologic conditions associated with excessive fluoride exposure/consumption/overdose
  • Review the possibly unnoticed sources of fluoride exposure in the environment and food chain
  • Be prepared to enter private discussion or public debate with an understanding of the legalities of fluoridation

Dental Didactics Overview - Summary (7 pages, 30k PDF file)

Legal Analysis: Fluoridation of Public Water Systems:
Valid Exercise of State Police Power or Consitutional Violation
An excellent law review article published in 1977 discussing the merits and the law of previous legal cases.

Pace Law Review Article - full document (23 pages, 280k PDF file)

Review of the California Oral Health Needs Assessment
This report was commissioned by the City of Escondito California USA to review a draft of the study which convinced the California legislature to pass mandatory fluoriation. The analysis had to be done on a draft of the report since a final version was never completed nor peer-reviewed as normally required for published scientific research.

Interestingly, the author was under indictment with the Oregon State Supreme Court for election code violations concerning an Oregon fuoridation ballot issue. He later became California's State Dental Director.

COHNA Report Summary
COHNA Report - full document (27 pages, 215k PDF file)