Pittsburg Tribune By a 7-0 vote, Shaler Pennsylvania city commissioners concluded that fluoride is a medicine and should not be added to public drinking water.
Nov 2002 election results  Results from the Nov 2002 elections involving the question of fluoridation 
Texarkana Gazette The council's latest act of "irresponsibility is the canceling of a public hearing scheduled for last Saturday. Never mind that they set the date for the hearing a few weeks back; all but one of them discovered last week they had scheduling conflicts. How convenient for them when the issue is so controversial." - Texarkana Gazette
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In 1998 Julie Varner and two colleagues published research on the effects of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride on the nervous system of rats. In layman's terms, it looked like fluoride and aluminum could cause Alzheimer's.


British Medical Journal  Further research on the health effects of adding fluoride to drinking water is needed—especially studies of people’s total exposure to fluoride, a working group set up by the Medical Research Council recommended in a report published last week. 
The Onida (NY) city council voted 5-1 against fluoridation of the city's water supply ending a city-wide debate that was started last year. (August) 
Erie Times News  Council threatens Water Authority- Erie City Council took a stance against fluoridation Wednesday night - and threatened to disband the Erie City Water Authority if it doesn't drop its plans to add fluoride to the area's drinking water. 
Sunday Independent Investigative report - The Pelindaba nuclear/chemical complex - set up by the apartheid government in the 1960s to produce atomic bombs and enriched uranium fuel - is set to become the major supplier of hundreds of tons of fluoride which will be added to drinking water throughout the country from next year. 
Fuzzy Math by
Read how the scientific community uses numbers created not from science but rather based on politics and the selling of the fluoridation campaign
Better Nutrition Yet many experts caution against consuming too much tap water. Why? Because there's a growing body of evidence that some of the very chemicals added to water to guard your health -especially chlorine and fluoride-may be doing more harm than good.  
Redding As Redding California debates fluoridation, proof of the safety of fluoridation chemicals is slated to be on the Nov. ballot.
Salt Lake
A discussion of the proposed fluoridation of the city and deceptive promotion - "The Environmental Protection Agency wouldn't allow a bucket of this stuff to be poured directly into the Great Salt Lake.." 
 Franklin Press During Monday night's meeting, Franklin aldermen showed that the anti-fluoride message had not fallen on deaf ears when a motion to fluoridate Franklin's water failed for lack of a second.
Contra Costa
23 people belome ill due to fluoride overdose. Complaints included acute symptoms, including stomach pains and vomiting. Three people were taken to a hospital. 
UPI  United Press International discusses the controversy over bottled water - to fluoridate or not to fluoridate
Pierce County Dispatch Washington State - Pierce county citizens irate at city council for even considering fluoridation
 Veterans Press  Discusses research published in the Journal of Brain Research links low levels of fluoride and aluminum to Alzheimer's and kidney damage and other forms of dementia.
Journal Canadian
Dental Assoc
The Science & Ethics of water fluoridation - Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. - "The arguments [for fluoridation] did not constitute what we would consider a complete account of the scientific and moral issues involved. 
San Antonio
 Fluoridation of San Antonio's water has been put off for another eight months after the lowest bid for constructing the new system came in at more than twice the original estimates
California Bill Dennis Mountjoy, a California Assemblymember, sponsored AB1565, a bill which required fluoride compounds to tested and approved for safety and effectiveness.