The York Review was done by the University of York in England and paid for by the Department of Health. Its' goal was to determine the effects of water fluoridation on the population by reviewing existing research.

This 110 page report, known as the York Report, is being touted by proponents as giving fluoridation a clean bill of health.

Highlights of the report.

Reviewed 3,231 studies - rejected 93% or 3,017 studies - used 214 studies.

Of these studies selected, the vast majority were graded as Level C "poor quality with a risk of bias." None reached the highest quality (Level A).

Excludes ALL animal and toxicological studies.

Ignored the question of Total Fluoride Intake from all sources.

At a water fluoride level of 1.0 ppm, the prevalence of fluorosis was estimated to be 48%

quoting - "The
scope of this review is not broad enough to answer independently the question 'should fluoridation be undertaken on a broad scale in the UK'? Important considerations outside the bounds of this review include the cost-effectiveness of a fluoridation program, total fluoride exposure from environmental and non-environmental sources other than water, environmental and ecological effects of artificial fluoridation and the ethical and legal debates."

Download the entire 110 page York report [500k .PDF file]